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MLBB: Rise of Champions Tournament 2023 (MLBB: ROCT 2023) is a joint initiative by the Faculty of Computing (FK) at Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA), HUAWEI AppGallery, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), and Kementerian Belia & Sukan (KBS) aimed at enhancing the academic quality of the university.

As part of this collaborative effort, the MLBB: Rise of Champions Tournament 2023 is now open to all undergraduate students from public and private universities, polytechnics, as well as institutions recognized under the status of Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTI) by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

This E-sport aims to elevate the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector to the highest level while promoting UMPSA as a leading institution supporting this initiative. Furthermore, it encourages all higher education students to understand and actively participate in e-sport, fostering a healthy and close-knit community that can fully enjoy the benefits of esport alongside their peers.

Join us for the MLBB: Rise of Champions Tournament 2023, where participants will have the opportunity to showcase their gaming skills, forge new friendships, and engage in healthy competition. Together, let's embrace the digital realm, exemplify excellence, and reinforce the spirit of camaraderie among the academic community.


Total Prizes Worth up to RM25,782**

HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11-inch * 6 units
1st Runner Up
HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 * 6 units
2nd Runner Up
HUAWEI FreeBuds SE White * 6 units
**The collective valuation of prizes is evaluated in conformity with the prevailing commercial prices as of August 2023, and is susceptible to potential modifications. It is hereby acknowledged that the organizer retains the authority to substitute the awarded products with items of equivalent value, without antecedent notification. This provision remains subject to adjustments as necessitated by pertinent laws and regulations within Malaysia.



Open for Registration

We welcome players from all undergraduate and pre-university students (Pre-U/Diploma/Degree) attending Public Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA), Private Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTS), and polytechnics in Malaysia to register and join our MLBB: Rise of Champions Tournament 2023. All you need to do is read the provided registration requirements and fill in the registration form. Additionally, ensure that all participating players join Discord, and the competition system and schedule will be notified in Discord. Please take note that those who do not join Discord will be disqualified. Participants will feel a surge of excitement as they sign up to become part of our vibrant e-sport community. We are delighted to have you here.
4/9 - 25/9

Qualifier Round

The initial matchups among 40 teams will be announced, and participants will step into the virtual arena, ready to prove their worth. The community will vote in Discord for the '16 teams with the best chance to enter the next competition'. After each knockout round, a user who has selected the specified number of teams will be randomly selected to win a small gift. (For example, 16 teams have selected at least 10 teams correctly). Users can also vote for their 'favourite combination'. So, let's wholeheartedly support your favourite combination.
30/9 - 13/10

Playoff Stage

The competition continues with the remaining 16 teams. After all the matches, the community will vote in Discord for the '3 teams with the best chance to advance to the third round of the competition'. Users are also allowed to vote for their 'favourite combination'.
27/10 - 5/11

Grand Final

The final round will be held at Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA). Each player in the final top 3 will have to choose one of the heroes in MLBB to describe themselves such as playstyle, skills etc. After the championship game is over, a user who guesses the winner correctly will be randomly selected to win a gift. Additionally, every student who joins Discord can get limited peripheral prints and have the opportunity to participate in the Discord online lucky draw. The event will be broadcast live on the social media of the university's e-sport group.

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